Photo by Elaine Derby Photography http://www.elainederby.com/

Miles is an motivated creator, poet, artist, facilitator and connector, who focuses on helping his clients rediscover their creative passion.

He helps people learn to overcome their creative blocks by offering his clients workshops and retreat experiences that help then to create and connect.

In 2013 Miles had an epiphany that there was need to incorporate a multifaceted approach to helping mom’s reignite their creativity as a way towards wholeness and creating a more connected community and grounding with our environment.   Throughout his life and especially after his divorce Miles experienced firsthand the benefits of honoring creativity.

Since 2010 he has studied with Elisabeth Gross-Marks an international artist.  He is the past president of Ithaca Toast Masters, and current president of Ithaca Thumbs up Chapter of BNI (Business Networking International).  Miles has self published his own book of poetry and shown his art work at the Tompkins County Airport.  Miles is the father of two children Grace who is 15 and Marshall 13.  He Grew up in Miami, FL and has been a resident of Ithaca since October of 1997

When he isn’t holding a space for mom’s to rediscover their creative passion he spends time with his soul companion and artist Heidi Lee, he visits his son’s hockey games or watches his daughter play tennis.   He loves to find the beauty in nature whether it is the sound of a stream, the crack of a fire, the rustle of leaves in the wind or the hum of crickets.   Miles believes that we all are most exquisite creations made by the Artist’s hand.  Sometimes we are like a song whose lyrics may not be fully realized.  In the right setting we can eventually discover our own voice and sing in harmony with the universe.  Miles believes we are all glorious masterpieces and once we reflect this creativity in our lives we can rediscover more of who we are.


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