mother and sprit

We saw the mother collapsed
on her side in a ditch along the path
still breathing her coat was the color of a full silver grey moon
her eyes were wide open misery
we came back and tried to get her up
we pulled we lifted
she kicked
the swarm of flies on her back could lift her
a bullet finally let her go
her body was moved to an open field
as we were leaving a calf could be seen laying next to her
looking to nurse and keeping the buzzards at bay
a cowboy came with his truck and weaned the calf away
so many times I have eaten you and drank you and worn your skin
mother cow you have given and given and given again
forgive me for the times I dismissed your blessings and your wails 
Oh Mother Earth shining with the moon let me heed your cry
let my drum beat soothe you
from core to crust to sky  
you are what cradles us
soils oceans rains rivers our blood
your compassion always nursing  love